January/February Training

PSUG and EFI have teamed up again to deliver FREE training as part of your PSUG membership. We’re offering a special class on Accounts Receivable tools on Wednesday, January 30th at 12pm EST, 9am PST, and it’s included free this month for all registered PSUG members. You do not need to pre-register for this class, as it’s a special class offered only to PSUG members. If you’re interested in attending, email Jim Twieg and we’ll forward you the WebEx details!

The February class has also been scheduled, so mark your calendars for February 11th at noon EST, 9am PST for a review of new Printstream .NET Fulfillment tools available in VB. Sign up at the normal EFI webinar registration page by clicking here. When you’re registering for the class, type “PSUG” into the Title field to let EFI know you’re a PSUG member and your webinar fee will be waived.

Continue to send your ideas and suggestions for future training, and we’ll try to hit them all in 2013. Please contact Jim Twieg with any suggestions!

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