About PSUG

The PrintStream User Group (PSUG) is a community of member companies who are current users of efi PrintStream Software.

The purpose of PSUG is to facilitate the exchange of information and experience among the users of the system and to support and guide efi with respect to further development of the product. PSUG is comprised of various Focus Groups which concentrate on particular areas of the system and its usage. These groups develop usage concepts, proposals for system enhancements, and provide a road map of suggestions for efi to use for development.

Our Executive Board is comprised of volunteer members who are elected by the membership at large for a two-year term. Our goal is to make sure the needs of the group are met for all of our members.  I would like to thank all of our members for their participation.

If you are new to the PrintStream Users Group, or are just looking around the site to find out more about us, let me take this opportunity to share with you some of the many benefits of membership:

  • Members-only forums
  • Discounts on registration fees at CONNECT
  • Access to EFI personnel
  • Webinars and educational events
  • Website for communication, support, forums and focus groups
  • Support from your fellow members
  • The opportunity to help mold the applications through enhancements
  • Various “Members Only” promotions and discounts offered by EFI

If you have any questions, or if you are ready to join, please call Sheri Contino at
(724) 371-3268 or email her at scontino@msp-pgh.com .

We look forward to your participation in PSUG!


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  1. The About PSUG page mentions “Website for communication, support, forums and prior webinar recordings”. How do I get to the prior webinar recordings?

  2. Hi Melissa – sorry for the delayed response; I was trying to find the answer to your question!
    Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the ability to record the webinars presented by efi, as they are part of their intellectual property. But should the user group itself host any webinars, then those would be kept on here in archived form.

    I have deleted that part of the benefits list, so as not to confuse anyone else!

    Thanks for your participation – we appreciate it!

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